Custom Made Jewelry

Yes! That’s why we are super skilled. Our custom jewelry is crafted with all love and passion. You can have one of your pictures or NFT Custom made into a Gold Pendant. You dream it we can make it happen! Our Craftsmanship is unique and that’s what makes us special from others. we are not charging much for it. We offer the best quality at the least cost. We want to make it affordable and show love to every client. we are proud to have the Solid gold 3D pendant, which is the coolest Drip out there. Our creativity speaks for itself. We offer white gold, yellow gold, and Rose gold color variations. You can choose between 14k or 18k in Solid Gold. We are the ONLY Jeweler in the industry to offer custom-made 18k thick gold plated pendants!!!

(Special Request with Diamonds or Prestige Color Gemstones please Direct Message on Twitter)