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About Club Mars LLC

What is Club Mars?

Club Mars LLC is a registered company based in New York City that is dedicated to providing tangible utility for Web3. We are proud to operate a family-owned manufacturing gold plating facility overseas, which allows us to be the manufacturing source and offer the best prices in the market when it comes to custom-made jewelry.

We pride ourselves on being the only ones in the industry to offer 1/1 per order in 18k gold-plated products. We specialize in 14k and 18k gold in an array of colors, including Rose, Yellow, and White solid gold. We also source diamonds directly for custom jewelry and luxury products. At Club Mars, we believe that the endless creative possibilities of delivering high-quality jewelry products start with our clients.

With over 10 years of experience in our established manufacturing company, we have developed connections and partnerships globally that enable us to deliver on our niche products. We are committed to taking our concept to the next level in Web3.0 and giving access to holders of CMG NFTs.

Our global wholesale service is capable of providing most products for any startup or established business with the best price and high quality. We have scaled up to 500,000 units per order, which sets us apart from other projects.

We hope that our commitment to providing high-quality custom jewelry products, as well as our experience and expertise in the industry, will make Club Mars LLC a trusted and valuable partner to our clients.

Club Mars NFT collection

Club Mars NFTs is a distinguished Collection/Membership comprising of 6,666 Martians, which has been launched on the esteemed Cardano ecosystem. Our project’s vision is to empower our members with the ability to leverage the utility of NFTs to procure our bespoke merchandise at a discounted Membership price, thereby enabling them to showcase and establish their identity with the NFTs they possess. Our esteemed Martians can avail our Global wholesale service to purchase products in bulk quantities, thereby facilitating the initiation or expansion of their business with superior pricing and quality. We are continually striving to enhance the utility of our NFT collection, with Cardano serving as our foundation. Our ultimate objective is to extend our products and services across all blockchains through NFTs.

Club Mars NFTs

Want to get custom work done?

We don’t find clients for our products, we find products for our clients! Take a look at our custom design, made to order merchandise!